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Are you Looking for best price ro plant for Home ? If Yes, than choose PENTAPURE original Taiwan Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration systems. PentaPure offer best water filters for Home in Pakistan with a wide range of domestic ro plants, Uv water filter, Ultra filtration water filter, Ro membranes,Water filter cartridges, Mineral water filter plant,Alkaline filter & Commercial Ro Plants etc. 

Being a Leader in water treatment industry, PentaPure is the only original Taiwan water purifier brand in Pakistan.We are proud to say that PentaPure is the only Water Treatment Brand which is certified by prestigious certifying agencies like NSF,USDA & WQA of USA. 

PENTAPURE redefines the concept of water purifiers crafted with high end latest technologies that retains minerals in the water and has multi-level purification filters. Most of the reverse osmosis systems work the same way. However, their performance can be affected by different factors. They include the incoming water pressure, the quality of filters and membranes, water temperature and number of TDS (total dissolved solids).

PENTAPURE is the well known water filter brand in Pakistan due to its Premium Quality domestic ro plants & water purifiers. All our reverse osmosis system are manufactured in Taiwan which are 100% Food grade and approved from all international organization like NSF, Water quality association & USDA from USA. 

We also import domestic ro water filter parts & accessories like ro membranes, water filter cartridges, housings, alkaline filters, Mineral filters, Activated carbon filter , storage tanks, pressure pumps , HP & LP Switches etc. We are biggest importer of commercial ro plants parts which includes FRP vessels, Pressure Pump, Feed Pump, reverse osmosis membrane, jumbo housing, membrane casings, Activated Carbon, Sand , Resin , Arsenic removal media etc