Water Storage Tank for Ro System – Made in Taiwan

4,000 3,500


  • Size  :  4 Gallon ( Available in 5 Gallon as well)
  • Color  :  White
  • Material :  Fiberglass / Plasteel/Plastic
  • Pre-Pressured air filled
  • FDA approved food Grade bladder and certified to ensure quality, safety and durability
  • 100% Taiwan Manufactured
  • Designed for Domestic RO Systems
  • Tank Valve included
  • Chemical and Bacteria free



PentaPure standard Ro water tanks offer quality water storage for use with most Domestic Reverse osmosis systems. These durable Fiber/Plastic tanks will deliver a continuous and stable supply of purified water at a fast flow rate.  Supported by fully enclosed polypropylene and butyl reservoirs, these storage tanks provide airtight protection against leaks and contamination. Their stainless steel connectors ensure leach-free integrity while post-cured diaphragms eliminate the possibility of odors from the tank. Individually pressure-tested for safety. Our tanks are certified and approved for materials quality, safety, and durability making them suitable for use anywhere in the world.


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