Set of 5 Stages Filter Cartridges – Taiwan

4,500 3,999

  • Set of 5 Filter Cartridges  ( 5 Stages Ro Plant )
  • Sediment Filter Cartridge ( 1st Stage )
  • Pre-Carbon Filter Cartridge ( 2nd Stage)
  • Coconut Carbon Filter Cartridge ( 3rd Stage )
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element ( 4th Stage )
  • T33/ Post Carbon Filter ( 5th Stages )
  • Universal size for all water filters & Domestic Ro Plant
  • Long Life Cycle
  • 100% Taiwan Manufactured
  • Reliable & Convenient


PentaPure is the Best selling Water purification Products brand in Pakistan Since more than 15 years. Our High Quality Premium Filter Cartridges are made with the Top Quality Material for outclass Filtration .

Sediment Filter – 1st Stage

Our Sediment Filter Made with 100% pure polypropylene to remove any type of Dirt, rust , silt or sand from water upto 5 Micron.

GAC Carbon Filter- 2nd Stage

Our Carbon Filter Made with laboratory vacuum heated cleaned coconut husk carbon which Remove Chlorine, Pesticides, VOC, Bad Tastes, Odors, Cloudiness, and Industrial Solvents.

CTO Activated Carbon Filter- 3rd Stage

This Carbon Filter Made with High Quality Activated cleaned coconut carbon which Further Remove Chlorine, Parasites, Protozoa, VOC, Bad Tastes, Odors, Cloudiness, and Industrial Solvents.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element – (4th Stage) 

Penta Pure RO Membrane focuses on the hardest to remove contaminants like: dissolved solids, microplastics, fluoride, Heavy Metals, and over 97 others.

T33/ Post Carbon Filter – ( 5th Stages )

The Post Activated Carbon filters right before the water comes out of the faucet giving you the freshest best tasting water.


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